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Downes (2006) provides an explanation of the mass murder of civilians that is dependent upon two key factors regardless of regime type or how the opposing sides perceive one another: desperation caused by long, costly wars and a desire for territorial expansion.
We first examine this relationship for the full set of countries and incomes before disaggregating by diet composition and then regime type.
Our somewhat surprising findings stem from a conceptual insight that a country's democratic stock and its contemporaneous regime type are both important in determining the regime effects of democracy on growth.
We particularly contribute to the field of political economy by focusing on the effect of corruption on economic growth moderated by political regime type.
These results are consistent with evidence documented in previous literature that current political regime types are poor predictors of the adoption of institutions of economic freedom.
For example, if revolutionary regime type was a constant in the early Cold War years, why did its pernicious effects only begin in 1958?
Taking into account the theoretically most significant explanation, regime type, as measured by Freedom House, some of the effect of the "religious legacy" variable goes away (Model 6, Table 3.
This account thus emphasizes the role of social institutions such as regime type in limiting the repertoire and vice versa.
In practice, a vast range of entities and regime types restrict religious freedom, including national and local governments, majority religious groups, and nonstate actors such as terrorist organizations.
High liberalism rests on Rawls's concept of justice as fairness, where institutions are arranged so that any inequalities that emerge are advantageous to the least fortunate, with his favored regime types "liberal (democratic) socialism" and "property-owning democracy" subsuming economic liberty to civic and political liberties.
empirical findings relating regime type and success in interstate war.

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