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Institutional variables Characteristic of the area Electoral formula Much more mixed systems than expected Regime type Much more semi-presidential systems District magnitude Higher Ballot structure No difference Electoral threshold Lower Number of legislative chambers No difference Degree of centralization No difference Literature review
If regime type determines electoral laws, and electoral laws determine which groups can and cannot participate in the political system (i.e., they determine the SoC), then regime type should, at least indirectly, determine the differing dynamics of opposition in each of the cases examined in the book.
[22] I define three liberal hypotheses relating voting behavior to domestic regime type and one hypothesis stating that culture may determine state behavior.
Are there relationships between regime type and the likelihood, nature, and extent of political transition?
Regime type has hardly any effect on conventional deterrence.
To make his case, O'Neill examines the very different stories of Chinese investment and loans in authoritarian Cambodia, the more democratic Philippines, and Myanmar, where there was a clear change in regime type in recent years.
But where regime types often change, a deeper problem exists.
Persia was of a different domestic regime type and was thus able to offer better deals to the domestic interest groups in its competitors' territory.
Regime type, prior conflict, level of development, ethnic, religious, and ideological differences are the factors generally associated with the risk of genocide or politicide (Fein 1979, Harff 1987, 2003, Fein 1993, Krain 1997).
Previous literature can be divided into three section regarding impact of political regime type on FDI inflows.
At the same time, the impact of technology on politics is relatively independent of regime type. Technology is blurring the comforting distinction between open and closed societies, and between planned and free economies, ultimately making it impossible for either to exist in its ideal form.
Linz of Columbia University ( argued that sultanism is both a regime type (like democracy and authoritarianism) and an adjective describing a style of personal rule that is possible under all regime types, including democracy.

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