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As one purpose of this study is to extend and refine the research on regime type and consumption presented by Blaydes and Kayser [2011), hereafter referred to as B&K, we determined that for consistency we should retain their measure of the political side (the Polity IV scores).
In terms of the level of corruption, Type 3 (mature democracies) regime types are the least corrupt as compared to Type 1 (autocracies) and Type 2 (anocracies) regime types;
To test the robustness of the results, I alternatively use the variable Duration from Boix, Miller, and Rosato (2012), which "equals the number of consecutive years the country has had the same regime type.
In line with the theoretical propositions presented above, I have developed four hypotheses to explain the causal connection between de facto states' regime types and their recognition.
A theoretical model developed by Daniel Philpott helps distil the relationship between regime type and propensity for political violence.
Like classical liberalism, market democracy affirms a wide-ranging right to economic liberty, with regime types strictly limiting the scope of legislative authority in economic affairs.
empirical findings relating regime type and success in interstate war.
Individual studies of citizenship very well might be grounded in country- or culture-specific questions, but collectively they contribute to a transnational perspective that goes beyond regime type or geographical space.
29) The former phenomenon is a puzzling for policymakers, who have argued that promoting democracy will reduce terrorism; the latter phenomenon is puzzling for scholars of terrorism, who have argued that there is a consistent and seemingly permanent link between democracy and terrorism, relative to other regime types.
The institutional variables that we should be looking at, according to the literature and the purpose of this study, are: electoral formula (and the variation within different types belonging to the same broad category), district magnitude, ballot structure, electoral threshold, number of legislative chambers, the degree of centralization and the regime type.
Regime Types and the Varying Value of Costly Signals

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