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Since the adoption of the Regimental System, no matter where our Soldiers serve--at USACBRNS, with the 4th CBRN Company in Korea, with the 401st CBRN Company in Kuwait, or on staff duty with U.S.
On 30 May 1986, the Department of the Army announced that the Corps "is placed under the US Army Regimental System effective 29 July 1986." (3) This explains why on that day in July--on the 211th birthday of the JAGC--Major General Hugh R.
However, he said there was "no question of abandoning" Britain's historic regimental system.
The regimental system is fundamental to the fighting power of the British army today and we are not going to change it."
The US Army Regimental System was created in 1981 to provide soldiers with continuous identification with a single regiment.
"And in places where people are very concerned about the time they need to train the skills, for example in the warrant officers training, it doesn't necessarily need to detract from building a warrant officer culture because you can ask the students to talk about the regimental system in their branch of specialty--which is also a unique culture within the larger sustainment culture--like a clan within a tribe."
"There's a beauty to the old regimental system and that's why I want to make the film.
He argues that the "regimental system" has long ago achieved greater combat power by replacing losses by unit rather than by individual.
The crest identifies the Military Police Corps as a member of the Army Regimental System.
The United Kingdom had a maritime focus and was focused primarily on a colonial policing strategy supported by the old regimental system, and curtailed by limited resources.
Military Identities: The Regimental System, the British Army, and the British People, c.
"It adds insult to the injury of destroying Scotland's independent regimental system.

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