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Meanwhile, depth of field spreads out the region of interest and makes it considerably sharper to clearly view and locate any possible flaws.
Region of Interest Compression using hybrid CNLSPECK and VQ (ROI-CNLSPECKVQ)
Fan, "A new JPEG 2000 Region of interest image coding method: Partial Significant bitplanes shift", IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 10(2), pp.
It also provides statistical information on frequency of faults detected, categorized by type and location by region of interest.
Program Number 2070 Title: Next-Generation Sequencing test within a neurologic region of interest leads to diagnosis of RYR1-related disorder for 36-year-old female after three decades Presenters: Pam Gerrol, M.
The contract is for the execution of remote sensing aerial height measurements and imaging with the development of derivative products and performance analysis of the natural resources of the region of interest (SPN area along with a cover and the Natura 2000 PLH 220023 - Slowinska refuge, PLB 220003 - Pobrzeze Slowinskie, PLB 990002 - Offshore The waters of the Baltic Sea) based on measured data sets and remotely sensed images - a detailed description of the contract contained in Appendix 5.
SureSelect Target Enrichment Kits are easily designed to target any genomic region of interest using Agilent's eArray design tool, available in desktop or on-line versions.
Object Started: Alert upon an object's initial movement after the object has been inside of the user-defined region of interest for such time to be recognized as part of the scene.
Concrete results: 33 published advertising materials in at least three international print media business with digital formats, published equally in each region of interest - 11 in publications focused on the EU, 11 in publications focused on Asia, and 11 in publications focused on USA.

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