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Region of Interest Compression using hybrid CNLSPECK and VQ (ROI-CNLSPECKVQ)
It also provides statistical information on frequency of faults detected, categorized by type and location by region of interest.
JEOL and Nikon have integrated optical microscopy and field emission scanning electron microscopy in a way that enables seamless observation of the same region of interest on a sample with fast, accurate navigation.
Concrete results: 33 published advertising materials in at least three international print media business with digital formats, published equally in each region of interest - 11 in publications focused on the EU, 11 in publications focused on Asia, and 11 in publications focused on USA.
The analysis tools such as measurements, DSA, region of interest (ROI) processing and marking, annotations, image processing, pan, zoom, and window leveling to name a few give you the ability to take full control of the image and video, allowing you to become more than just a spectator.
Set up a region of interest (ROI) for the area (figure 5) to inspect in the left body ply (sidewall area).
With this study, the researchers have both narrowed a region of interest for future autism studies and shown that OSA is an effective means for mapping disease-susceptibility genes.

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