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Dr Ros Barber of Goldsmiths, University of London claimed that the existing evidence suggesting Shakespeare used regional dialects in his work was unreliable.
Just after the Census forms were distributed I had a chat with two gentlemen who told me that they had stated on their form that they cannot speak Welsh because they do not understand every regional dialect word used on Pobol y Cwm or every long technical word used on news or political programmes on S4C.
TELLY Then, in the lovely new BBC1 series Last Tango In Halifax, she proceeded to use other great regional dialect words like 'ta-ta', 'nowt', 'ay up', 'any road', 'how do' and 'heck as like'.
The art of dubbing that grew to fill the hush, writes Italian screenwriter Chiara Barzini, has since given Italians Doppiaggese ("Translationese"), a language stripped of regional dialect and peppered with new words and phrases.
The Kerala based rock band, which was in the Capital recently got the entire crowd at blue- Frog up and swaying to its numbers rendered in the regional dialect, Malayalam.
I learned how to handle horses from an old Yorkshire farmer who issued commands in the regional dialect," said Chris.
The story is told in four different voices, and Dew's astute use of regional dialect establishes the authenticity of setting and clearly delineates each personality.
Her words were voiced over in the main Iranian language Farsi as she speaks a regional dialect and her face was blurred.
Gender is considered here, as women often remained in the home and thus maintained the regional dialect.
The four chapters in the "Linguistic" section offer handy summaries of what is already known about Tamil regional dialect studies, but without breaking any new ground.
The traditional symbol of the product, yellow buttercups, speak for naturalness ("Botterbloom" is regional dialect for Butterblume, or buttercup), while a seashore motive has been added, symbolizing North Germany.

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