Register of Deeds

Register of Deeds

The designation, in certain jurisdictions, of the public officers who record documents that establish ownership of property, mortgages, and other instruments that relate to real property in official record books provided and maintained for such purpose.

Registers of deeds are also known as recorders of deeds.


Recording of Land Titles.

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Meanwhile, Toff and Julie executed another Deed of Absolute Sale dated September 12, 2011 over the subject property and, by virtue thereof, the Register of Deeds of Quezon City cancelled Toff's title and a new one issued in favor of Julie and her husband.
"Pagka pabalik-balikin mo 'yung tao even the Register of Deeds or Civil Registrar sa birth certificate, nandoon talaga 'yung little corruption.
Gordon sees potential liabilities after getting information linking officials of the Department of Public Works and Highways, Land Registration Authority (LRA), Register of Deeds to the anomaly that had 'tarnished the integrity of the country's Torrens title.'
'Due to the deficiencies noted, titles of the mortgaged properties have not yet been transferred in the name of the buyer-borrowers, hence, annotations of the REM could not be done by the Register of Deeds (RD),' the audit team explained.
For this purpose, the project 'Register of deeds' was initiated in September 2016.
The committee furthermore dealt with criminal and misdemeanor cases involving Kuwaiti students in Egypt, said Al-Hamad, pointing out that the emphasis in the committee meeting today was on real estate and property issues owned by Kuwaitis that have not been officially registered by the Egyptian office of the Register of Deeds. He urged Egyptian authorities at the ministries of Justice and Interior to expedite the process of registration of the Kuwaiti properties and the issuance of official deeds in the name of their owners.
The offices of the mayor, property assessor, election commission, historical society, trustee, register of deeds and county clerk were relocated to the Civic Center so business could resume as quickly as possible for the citizens of Van Buren County.
A lienholder may postpone expiration by filing an affidavit or recording a separate instrument with the register of deeds. Plaintiff did not follow this procedure.
and she's not seeking re-election to the seat instead, she's running for register of deeds.
In the past six years, northern Worcester Register of Deeds Kathleen R.
Last year, the PCGG had filed a notice of levy on the properties at the Register of Deeds in San Juan.

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