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The regrading recommendation does not apply to exams from the AQA exam board.
Mr Gove, who has faced calls over the last few days to order a regrading of the key exam, was answering scheduled education questions in the Commons yesterday afternoon.
Regrading the parking area and rail post placements.
were in harmony regrading fight against PKK terrorism.
2000 - Runciman Report recommends regrading to Class C ?
The regrading, which cost more than pounds 135,000, was needed as the gallop was worn out by yearround usage.
Binmen walked out on September 7 in a dispute over regrading plans which unions say will mean a pay cut of up to pounds 6,000 for hundreds of workers.
IN RESPONSE to the article in the Coventry Telegraph (December 30) regarding The Candy Box Store in Allesley Park and the issue regrading off-licence plans, as the ward councillor who was asked to get involved and presented one of the petitions, I would like to point out the school opposite is in fact Allesley Hall Primary and not as stated.
Dear Editor, Much has been written about the local authority pay regrading and I have read with interest the comments of your readers.
Those improvements include the regrading of the stream's banks and replacing grass with shrubs and perennials to hold the banks in place, keep pollutants from entering the stream and promote plant and wildlife diversity--all part of the county's program to protect the water quality of the Long Island Sound.
There is no regrading fee payable, according to the company, so users can adjust their connection when their requirements change.
THE letter from six classroom assistants about the regrading of nursery nurses and their pay claim was ridiculous.