Regular deposit

REGULAR DEPOSIT. One where the thing deposited must be returned. It is distinguished from an irregular deposit.

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LTNCD is a deposit product with longer maturity and offers higher returns compared to regular deposit.
You put cash in the ATM, just like a regular deposit. Then you can instantly buy bitcoin.
London, United Kingdom, April 11, 2015 --( Since it was April Fools Day, a long-time Liberty Slots Casino ( player had trouble believing her good fortune when she took her regular deposit and turned it into an enormous win.
Presently, Army is providing security mechanism, ensuring transparency in regular deposit of revenue and conducting dispute resolution amongst the tribes and other stakeholders.
It is not only an interest-free account with regular deposit and withdrawal privileges, but also automatically entitles account holders to enter the monthly Al-Jawhara draw.
Contributing to the bank's success is its in-school bank program, which provides regular deposit opportunities and personal finance lessons for 17 elementary schools throughout the bank's service area along Michigan's Lake St.
Invest pounds 3,000 in a regular deposit account at the same rate and you'd get pounds 142.20 as as a basic rate taxpayer, or pounds 106.08 if you pay the higher rate.
ePocket software enables banks to provide their customers with the ability to withdraw electronic cash in any currency from their regular deposit accounts, and send this electronic cash to merchants or other consumers in order to make payments.
The format of the investment is through an Islamic structured deposit, which is like a regular deposit that gives exposure to this equity-linked underlying.
You can start a regular deposit account for pounds 20 to pounds 25 a month, you're committing to pay that money in every month, it gives you more discipline."
Premiums are the incremental rates paid on regular deposit products and are used primarily to attract new money to banks and credit unions.
Savers who make a regular deposit of between pounds 20 and pounds 500 every month for 12 months will be rewarded with a fixed return on their money.