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The restoration of former rights, authority, or abilities.

The process of rehabilitating a witness involves restoring the credibility of the witness following Impeachment by the opposing party. Rehabilitating a prisoner refers to preparing him or her for a productive life upon release from prison.


noun adjustment, alteration, development, improvement, instauration, readjustment, rebuilding, reclamation, reconstitution, reconstruction, recreation, recuperation, redemption, reeducation, reestablishment, reformation, reindoctrination, reinstatement, remodeling, renewal, renovation, reorganization, repair, reparation, restitution, restoration, resurrection, return, revival, revivement, revivification, salvation
Associated concepts: company rehabilitation
See also: change, correction, improvement, progress, reconversion, remedy, rendition, renewal, reorganization, repair, reparation
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Luntaing Paraiso Executive Officer Gabriela Logronio announced during the recent Kapihan sa Kapitolyo at the Provincial Information Office Studio that the rehabilitation center has been transferred from the provincial government to the DOH during a simple turn-over ceremony last October 9.
It's this level of expertise provided by Lumina HealthCare, a company that has recently signed a service contract with the Park Central Care & Rehabilitation Center.
We are all so proud of this recognition," said Nicole Easley, executive director of West Hills Health & Rehabilitation Center.
Salman Shahid, ICRC Rep Bukht Sarwar, Incharge Rehabilitation Center Mayo Hospital Dr.
Therefore, project of modern rehabilitation center for the elderly and people with disabilities was drafted.
Additionally, the Rehabilitation Center was accredited by CARF as a Stroke Specialty Program, which was the first time.
Two rehabilitation centers in Vidzeme Region were examined: the rehabilitation centre Ligatne located in a beautiful place in the territory of Gauja National Park, and the rehabilitation center Krimulda set up in Krimulda Manor house, on the right bank of the picturesque River Gauja.
The ministry will not tolerate any instance of cruelty to any of the disabled people at the rehabilitation centers by anyone," he warned.
The post-prison rehabilitation center, run by social workers and a unit in charge of job-seeking, problem-solving and medical monitoring, is the third after those of Casablanca and Sale.
The county already funds a number of treatment centers, including Warm Springs Rehabilitation Center in Castaic, High Desert Recovery Services and Acton Rehabilitation Center.
The next level of awards are the Quality Commitment Awards, which went to Arkansas Manufacturing Extension Network at Little Rock, Beverly Healthcare at Heber Springs, Celestica Services at Little Rock, ChiefSeahawk Transport at Little Rock, Fort Smith Health and Rehabilitation Center, Northwest Arkansas Certified Development Company at Fayetteville, Small Group Work Therapy Inc.
Defense Agency chief Gen Nakatani visited a rehabilitation center in Kitahiroshima, western Hokkaido, on Monday and apologized for the center being hit by shells after an F-4 fighter jet accidentally fired nearly 200 rounds of ammunition during an air drill in June.

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