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Although zinc nasal gel's precise mechanism of action has yet to be elucidated, data suggest that ionic zinc has a direct effect on the ability of rhinovirus to infect and/or reinfect the nasal epithelium.
Second, the overseas Y2K bugs essentially become new computer viruses, which could reinfect computer codes in the United States.
Defining the future potential of a business process or strategy in terms of past policy or present crisis almost guarantees that at least parts of history will taint possible future solutions, much like a cancer cell that escapes the surgeon's knife to live on and reinfect its host.
If conditions are mild and damp the following spring, the spores may infect emerging blossoms and, through them, reinfect the branches.
If left untreated the fungus will get worse and survive winter on infected plant debris ready to reinfect the new growth in spring.
Is the scourge of resurgent militarism about to reinfect the Land of the Rising Sun?
If treatment stops too soon, the antibiotic might not kill all the bacteria, some of which might reinfect you and become resistant to the drug.
She warned that none of the flukicides have a residual effect; animals can reinfect within hours if the pasture is contaminated.
If the leaves get too unsightly, spray with a fungicide, but the real prevention will be to rake up all the fallen maple leaves in the fall and dispose of them; spores survive on the fallen leaves and live to reinfect new leaves in the spring.
Terrifying infections like swine fever or foot-and-mouth could be transmitted by the boar which could continually reinfect domestic stock.
Farmers say the disease passes from infected cattle to wildlife, mostly badgers and deer, creating a reservoir that can reinfect cattle.
However, questions arise about survival of infected snails during the winter and their ability to reinfect the area during the following summers in 2012 and 2013.