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Once rhabditiform larvae mature in the host, autoinfection occurs and the filariform larvae are now free to reinfect.
Terrifying infections like swine fever or foot-and-mouth could be transmitted by the boar which could continually reinfect domestic stock.
Your sexual partner will also be infected and if he does not use Canesten cream on his penis or take Diflucan he will reinfect you.
The reason this was hard to prove was quite simple: It would be unethical to reinfect someone to test the hypothesis, and very few cases existed where reinfection had provably occurred.
Spores of these colors develop in one to two weeks and can reinfect plants.
4099 is a relatively easy virus to detect; however, once a system is infected, it is extremely difficult to cure because of its ability to hide itself from anti-virus scanners and reinfect a user's system.
When both partners have the same virus they don't reinfect each other.
I cannot over-emphasise the importance of keeping any cuts or open skin covered up so that flies cannot reinfect her.
Don't wear them if you have a sty or conjunctivitis, as they could reinfect your eye if they are not properly sterilised.
When left unchecked, the virus is designed to reinfect unprotected systems continually, repeatedly destroying data on users' hard drives.