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With the launch of the removal and reinstallation program we were able to increase customer satisfaction and overall business performance.
Il a ajoute que la reunion a egalement affirme la necessite de fournir le financement necessaire par le ministere des Finances et de l'Economie nationale pour la mise en oeuvre du programme de reinstallation immediate des nomades.
While the Centre Pompidou, Paris, claims that their current "Big Bang" reinstallation of their collection is the first thematic grouping of its kind, encyclopedic museums around the world have recently been experimenting with innovative presentations of their vast holdings.
manufacturer of nora[R] rubber flooring, has introduced norament[R] 925 grano FS, a rubber floorcovering that uses nora's 412 low-emission releasable adhesive to facilitate installation, removal, and reinstallation.
Also part of the reinstallation is the publication of a full-color, 300-page catalogue of the collection.
The cost of reinstallation knocks down the resale price of a stationary baler.
Its ability to quickly access and repair the damage that originally caused a system conflict, rather than resorting to an extended reinstallation process, brings unique functionality to the Windows repair and recovery market.
The holding power of the fastener is unaffected by the repeated removal and reinstallation of the screw.
North Lanarkshire Council has awarded a pounds 4 million contract to the Kingswinford-based firm to provide a full service for its stairlifts and access lifts and other items of major equipment such as mobile hoists and shower and toilet cubicles - covering installation, maintenance, servicing and reinstallation of about 2,000 Minivator and associated products.
The mounting base is made from solid steel and permits the reinstallation of a revolver's rear sight and front sight onto the top of the base.
Of particular note in the renovation by architects Karl Fischer Architecte and Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer is the reinstallation of the large gas-lit globes adorning each corner of the roof, a design feature that was part of the original structure and years ago defined the downtown skyline.
The bas-relief (two-dimensional) mural was salvaged and donated to the Midland Historical Society, which funded its removal and reinstallation.