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The identification of relative contraindications to PD does not necessarily preclude PD as a modality choice.
Lupus was previously considered a relative contraindication, but recent studies did not find any exacerbation of stable lupus with OCPs.
Despite its clinical simplicity and safety, obese patients with large, thick necks are considered poor candidates for PT and are commonly referred for surgical tracheostomy placement, and are even considered as a relative contraindication because of unidentifiable neck anatomy (2,4,5).
Fillit: There are what we call absolute contraindications and relative contraindications to estrogen replacement therapy.
Surgeons selected patients who had complex pathology thought to be a relative contraindication for conventional laparoscopy.
Inflammatory arthritis could be a relative contraindication, because patients with inflammatory arthritis in the study did not do well, he said.
Patients were elderly (mean age = approximately 73 years), 45% men, primarily white, and had comorbidities, including illness (ie, diabetes mellitus and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) for which [Beta]-blocker use is often considered a relative contraindication.
Rheumatoid arthritis patients might tend to be on more complicated drug regimens involving multiple agents, with a greater likelihood that there might be a relative contraindication to aspirin, he said.
In the case of a relative contraindication, the referring physician should seriously consider the risk in relation to the expected benefit.
There has been very little experience to date with ICDs, considered a relative contraindication to neurostimulator therapy.

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