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Use of antiplatelets and active intracranial lesions/neoplasms was common relative contraindications in patients admitted at medical wards.
Obesity is also a relative contraindication. There is evidence that obese women (body mass index >30 kg/[m.sup.2]) have a higher failure rate with OCPs compared with women who are not overweight.
Relative contraindication of LA include surgeon's limited experience and benign tumors larger than 12 cm due to technical difficulties posed during extraction, limitation of working space, longer operative time, high total blood loss, and likelihood of malignancy.
The American College of Radiology recommends that implanted cardiac pacemakers and implantable cardioverter/defibrillators should be considered a relative contraindication for MRI.
Obesity has been described as a relative contraindication for percutaneous tracheostomy.
* Patients with a ratio of 0.8 or less who have had one CCN episode: relative contraindication;
I'd say that severe hypertension would be an absolute contraindication; mild hypertension might be a relative contraindication to estrogen replacement therapy.
During 5878 consecutive intensive care admission episodes, 691 patients had severe sepsis, 553 (80.0%, 95% CI 77.0-83.0%) had no relative or absolute contraindication, 64 (9.3%, 7.1-11.4%) had a relative contraindication and 74 (10.7%, 8.4-13.0%) had an absolute contraindication.
Heart failure has long been considered a relative contraindication to metformin because of a supposedly increased risk of drug-related, potentially fatal, lactic acidosis.
In fact, labyrinthitis ossificans was once considered to be a relative contraindication for cochlear implantation of a multichannel device.
Surgeons selected patients who had complex pathology thought to be a relative contraindication for conventional laparoscopy.
Inflammatory arthritis could be a relative contraindication, because patients with inflammatory arthritis in the study did not do well, he said.

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