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34) The signal advantage of the relative interpretation was its demonstrable ability to set this lower limit by means of tractable comparisons with others in the society.
Under the absolute interpretation, the first step is invalid, and under the relative interpretation, the second step requires a false premise.
A good case can also be made that textual indications in Daniels's seminal version of the argument favor the relative interpretation.
Anderson and Weijer have claimed that the component analysis approach and the Tri-Council Policy Statement's relative interpretation of the minimal risk standard are mutually supportive.
National Bioethics Advisory Committee (NBAC) 2001 report unequivocally agreed with Kopelman and rejected the relative interpretation of risks of daily living, arguing:
Lack of isomorphism between overt position and relative interpretation can also be observed in sentences with universally quantified NPs and sentential negation.
Whether isomorphism holds between the position of logical elements at LF and their relative interpretation is a question that need not concern us here.

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