Relative powers

RELATIVE POWERS. Those which relate to land, so called to distinguish them from those which are collateral to it.
     2. These powers are appendant, as where a tenant for life has a power of making leases in possession. They are in gross when a person has an estate in the land, with a power of appointment, the execution of which falls out of the compass of his estate, but, notwithstanding, is annexed in privity to it, and takes effect in the appointee out of an interest appointed in the appointer. 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1930.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors and the Milwaukee County Executive dispute their relative powers, as defined by closely related state statutes.
Caption: Figure 11: KS distances between (a) I vectors, (b) Q vectors, and (c) magnitudes of constellation errors with different relative powers.
v Sawyer - the seminal Supreme Court decision on the relative powers of the executive and legislative branches of government.
I cannot see at this time Parliament agreeing to repeal the Act of Union with Scotland, if for no other reason, when by doing so it would diminish its powers, overall membership and at a stroke cause a worrying imbalance in the relative powers and influence of the two main political parties.
Many other examples across the region reflect this need to agree over the common definition of the values and policies of the state, the relative powers of the central government and of groups of citizens in provincial areas, and the rights of all citizens.
Here, the authors remind the reader that China is one of the most decentralised countries in the world, and that the environment and its reporting are subject to the relative powers of central and local government in different domains (p.
Third, the constitutional process addresses all the important issues that people care about, including religious-secular balances, the role of the military, the rights of citizens, the protection of minorities, the relative powers of the presidency and parliament, the rights and roles of men and women, and other such critical issues.
However, the relative powers of the president, government, parliament, judiciary and military have yet to be defined due to a tussle over who should write a new constitution.
The text is organized into three sections concerned with foundational issues, including Founding-era conceptions of federalism, antebellum and Reconstruction contests over federalism, normative political theories of federalism, and the political safeguards of federalism; constitutional doctrines concerning the relative powers of the federal government and the states as related to such issues as the enumerated powers of Congress, doctrines of state sovereignty, and federal limits on state power; and the relationship between judicial rules of decision and the federal constitutional structure.
view as part of a panel on the relative powers available to local governments in various countries to affect change.
Unless he can be persuaded into a dramatic change of heart, the FA must decide just how far they will bend to accommodate him, with talks also understood to be centring on the relative powers he would possess alongside technical director Howard Wilkinson.
This paper compares the relative powers of six test statistics for detecting multivariate non-normality, all of which are functions of the squared-radii statistic.

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