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The individual in whose name a legal action is brought by a state; the individual who relates the facts on which an action is based.

The relator is the individual upon whose complaint certain writs are issued. The relator is the party of interest in a proceeding, who is allowed to institute such proceeding in the name of the people, or in the name of the attorney general when such official has the sole right to sue. For example, if A was the relator and B was the defendant, the citation of the case would read, State ex rel. A v. B.


a person who gives information upon which the attorney general brings an action.

RELATOR. A rehearser or teller; one who, by leave of court, brings an information in the nature of a quo warranto.
     2. At common law, strictly speaking, no such person as a relator to an information is known; he being a creature of the statute 9 Anne, c. 20.
     3. In this country, even where no statute similar to that of Anne prevails, informations are allowed to be filed by private persons desirous to try their rights, in the name of the attorney general, and these are commonly called relators; though no judgment for costs can be rendered for or against them. 2 Dall. 112; 5 Mass. 231; 15 Serg. & Rawle, 127; 3 Serg. & Rawle, 52; Ang. on Corp. 470. In chancery the relator is responsible for costs. 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 4022.

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Working with a theological commission established by the congregation, the relator would have to ensure that the "positio," or a dissertation summarizing the life and virtues of the candidate is properly prepared.
However, where on the consideration of the contents of the petition and the relevant record, the court forms an opinion that there is some substance to the matter, then, simply on account of the fact that some doubt can possibly be cast upon the conduct of the petitioner, the court shall not dismiss the petition summarily, rather it shall hear and decide the matter on merits, obviously not losing sight of the bona fides of the relator even then.
Kaye, quien fue nombrado en agosto de 2014 Relator Especial sobre la promocion del derecho a la libertad de opinion y expresion por el Consejo de Derechos Humanos de la ONU, senala que entre las observaciones y recomendaciones preliminares entregadas a la cancilleria y la Secretaria de Gobernacion el lunes 4, al final de su visita, ambos relatores pusieron enfasis en la Ley de Seguridad Interior.
The relator in Carter had not waited until the first action had ended to file his case: he instead brought the action while two other FCA actions were pending.
Calling the case entirely frivolous with no basis in fact or law, the Court agreed with Weils arguments that the relator (1) failed to plead any plausible Mafia conspiracy, (2) failed to plead a false claim or statement under the FCA, (3) lacked standing to bring the securities claims, and (4) asserted time-barred claims.
This final settlement includes the resolution of all allegations the Relator made with respect to Thalomid and Revlimid (lenalidomide).
Thanks to the incentives provided by the FCA, the relator is protected against retaliation from his or her employer and is entitled to receive a percentage of the funds received by the government.
For example, the government, which is the real party in interest in a qui tam FCA suit, (60) is not bound by an arbitration clause that a qui tam relator has entered into in her personal capacity.
Sem prazo predeterminado, o relator avaliava a obra e escrevia o parecer.
However, only the first-filed relator is entitled to a share of the recovery.
If after completing its investigation the government does not pursue the case, the relator with knowledge of the fraudulent activity, can proceed with the case on the government's behalf.
Sampaloc-based officers led by SPO4 Ramon Relator killed Marzoc Macawadib at his home on Rosarito Street.