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'Only the superintendent can issue the release order,' the BuCor chief explained.
Out of the total rupee component of Rs 530.70 billion, the releases was only Rs 274.704 billion (51.76 percent) while Rs 174.56 billion were released against the foreign exchange component of Rs 144.304 billion which is around Rs 30 billion higher than the allocation.
BERLIN -- Germany's Economy Ministry releases April industrial orders figures for Europe's biggest economy.
Re-run release steps, rollback unfinished tasks and reassign activities while maintaining a full audit trail.
In the outboard division, Advanced Roofing was tops with 26 releases, good for $14,000.
Lubricants include water-based and CFC-free external release agents for flexible and rigid PUR, reinforced polyester, roto-molding, thermoset and thermoplastic molding.
We expect the pitcher to release the ball consistently from the same release point.
How long did it take you to make this Twilight release?
Lee says sending your press release to online publications may be preferable to sending it to newspapers and magazines or television and radio outlets because Websites tend to post information faster than printed publications, and the information may be available for a longer period of time--weeks, months, or even years after it is first posted.
Lateral release surgery should never be considered unless all other treatments have been exhausted.
To this end, this memorandum authorizes the release of a limited amount of purchase card transactional detail to the public domain.
Partners offering fulfillment to clients in Japanese through the new JCN service include US-based Marketwire, the preferred press release service of the NASDAQ, Paris-based CompanyNewsGroup, the European leader in corporate news distribution, and the RNS (Regulatory News Service) of the London Stock Exchange, which distributes the vast majority of company news and results announcements in the UK.