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RELEASEE. A person to whom a release is made.

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Table 8 Effects of Predictors on the Probability of a Releasee Being Deterred from Incarceration Group I (a) Group II (a) Group III (a) # PRIOR ARRESTS -- -- -- CARAGE ++ ++ ++ AGE I ST -- -- -- RELAGE ++ ++ ++ BLACK + 0 0 MALE -- -- 0 VIOLENT 0 - -- PROPERTY 0 -- - DRUG 0 -- 0 PAROLE (b) 0 ++ .
72) The Fourth District Court of Appeal has held that the prison releasee reoffender law is not an ex post facto violation in that it is not an additional penalty for the earlier crime, rather a stiffened penalty for the latest crime, which is an aggravated offense by virtue of the repetition.
situated releasees, detained defendants are 25% more likely to be
46) The sample general release releases the releasee "and any and all persons, firms, corporations liable or who might be claimed to be liable.
Will firearms enhancements, violent habitual offender status, Prison Releasee Reoffender status, 10-20-Life, etc.
In Samson, the Supreme Court answered the question, left unaddressed in Knights, of whether the status of a conditional releasee diminishes or eliminates a released prisoner's reasonable expectation of privacy so as to allow for suspicionless searches of their person after release.
116) To address these needs, MRP Steering Teams comprised of representatives from various state agencies are established to focus on a particular releasee.
Supreme Court, the court held that because the defendant was an incarcerated prisoner, he had an even lower expectation of privacy than a probationer, parolee, or conditional releasee.
When Riches' probation officer got wind of the trip (Riches uploaded videos of his trip to Youtube), he wrote a report indicating that he had "reason to believe that the supervised releasee has violated the terms and conditions of his supervision.
Cytokine inhibitors are substances that inhibit the biological activities of specific cytokines, which are small proteins releasee by cells that have a specific effect on the interactions between cells, or on the behavior of cells.
41) If such an offender is released on parole or mandatory supervision, the parole panel "shall prohibit the releasee from using the Internet to .
As a matter of political reality, all mechanisms for early release are vulnerable to repeal any time a releasee commits a new crime.