Relevant evidence

RELEVANT EVIDENCE. That which is applicable to the issue and which ought to be received; the phrase is used in opposition to irrelevant evidence, which is that which is not so applicable, and which must be rejected. Vide Relevancy.

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Thousands of rape prosecutions in England and Wales will be reviewed in the wake of claims that officers may not have given all relevant evidence to defence teams.
The court of appeals vacated a decision of the Board of Immigration Appeals to deny Petitioner Felipe de Jesus Molina Mendozas request for asylum, finding that the tribunals below failed to show that they fairly considered all of the relevant evidence.
The investigation and forensic teams collected relevant evidence including, blood samples, bullet empties, finger prints etc.
Six persons including two police guards and four domestic servants were being interviewed and questioned in order to collect relevant evidence.
Having listened to the accused, lawyers and the prosecutor, the court decides to order a reinvestigation of the case [and] requests for the result of the test on the confiscated substance and review of the relevant evidence,' Judge Seng Leang said yesterday.
The Seoul official said that relevant evidence, including video clips that captured the violence, has been submitted to Chinese police, who he believed have launched an investigation.
The DoJ has all along been handling all criminal cases in accordance with the applicable law, relevant evidence and the Prosecution Code.
There are a number of other issues including violations of other statutes on which there is no disclosure, but relevant evidence has been found.
It is simply to get to the truth with the help of all those who have relevant evidence to give.
Liverpool will now have to demonstrate the standard punishment is too harsh, with an independent regulatory commission expected to hear the case today should the relevant evidence be submitted in time.
To conduct the study, researchers analyzed relevant evidence from more than 40 studies in the past decade, finding that coverage expansions have resulted in greater ability to afford needed medical care and greater access to preventive services, primary care, chronic illness treatment, medicine and surgical care.
He pointed out that the parties concerned did not submit documents and relevant evidence to anyone in this regard.