Relevant evidence

RELEVANT EVIDENCE. That which is applicable to the issue and which ought to be received; the phrase is used in opposition to irrelevant evidence, which is that which is not so applicable, and which must be rejected. Vide Relevancy.

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The defendants had been provided with access to their legal representatives and all relevant evidence at every stage of their trial and appeal processes.
The defense contended the judge did not give appropriate weight to all relevant evidence on the record, and the prosecution had ultimately failed to prove Khayat's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
This means that Bogoevski's testimony was underpinned with other relevant evidence, documents, wiretapped conversations, email communication, audit reports, etc.
The MCI also urged all citizens to report cases of Anti-Commercial Concealment with relevant evidence to authorities, adding that there is the opportunity for them to be rewarded for their honesty in the form of cash amounting to a maximum of 30 percent of the fines imposed on the violators.
Sardar Ayaz submitted that the impugned order was based on misreading and non-reading of relevant evidence, incorrect appreciation of the local commission report as well as NADRA reports and the law applicable in this regard.
Mr Powell says he was not permitted to provide a formal statement regarding the new evidence; that the new evidence was not investigated; that concerns about pathology at Morriston Hospital were not investigated; and that relevant evidence was not properly secured, giving the health board the opportunity to destroy relevant material.
The court announced the verdict after the prosecution department of Punjab government presented relevant evidence in the case.
Toxicology test results for any relevant evidence are pending, and could take several weeks to complete, state police said.
introduction of relevant evidence unless the evidence is governed by the
If other towns want to be considered, they need to supply the relevant evidence.
Forensic, documentary and other relevant evidence were also taken on record," Kalia said.
The bench hearing the case has sought all relevant evidence from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in the next hearing of the case on February 4, the report added.