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RELIABLE SOURCES A reliable source is the horse's mouth He can outpace a rocket Yet punters seldom beat the odds And end up out of pocket.
Eighty percent of Americans say Petraeus is a "very" or "somewhat" reliable source of accurate information about the current conditions in Iraq, ranking him well ahead of any of the other leaders tested.
Finally, in exchange for your time and effort as a reliable source, you increase your visibility, enhance your image and that of the profession and acquire high-potential business leads--always and forever the key to new business.
Within the grassroots area of the music business, there are few reliable sources of basic information and guidance--leaving artists isolated and often prey to misinformation.
Second, we have to infuse long term care with a reliable source of private financing for assisted living and nursing homes.
To paraphrase the most reliable Source of wisdom, one can't cast out Beelzebub by the power of Beelzebub.
The Reliant contract was awarded in 1999 in the belief it would provide expertise and a stable, reliable source of natural gas over the years.
We're engaging in a long-term partnership with the City of Cottonwood that guarantees a reliable source and quality of water.
These results strongly support the need for regular use of a reliable source of vitamin [B.

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