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RELICT. A widow; as A B, relict of C D.

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The major discovery was the relict population that we found in Nador mountains, in the south of Tiaret governorate, where Abdi (2014) studied local gazelles.
This expansion was followed by a postglacial range breakup, retreat to moderate elevations of high mountain systems, and a formation of relict enclaves in smaller hilly areas.
In the Iberian Peninsula, Spanish black pine forests are mainly found in the supramediterranean bioclimatic belt under humid or sub-humid climates (900-1500 m asl), although the relict populations of the Spanish Central System on granitic rocks (Gredos and Guadarrama ranges) are also found under cold perhumid climate (Regato & al.
Gas injection allows BP to reach relict and residual oil and continue production well beyond initial estimates.
Strangelove-like War Cabinet Room, and banquets in the gold vault take on extra significance in this relict of the Cold War.
After Oscar Folsom died in a carriage accident when Frankie was 11, Cleveland oversaw the finances of Oscar's relict and acted as Frankie's unofficial guardian.
It is unique for preserving various relict flora and fauna, including the world's largest shoal of sturgeon.
He proposes, convincingly, that they are relict species from a time when the climate was markedly different from what it is today and that they have, effectively, 'retreated' uphill, hanging on in a changed world.
Olivine is found as relict cores surrounded by a mesh of serpentine (Fig.
The surprising faunal diversity and density indicate a uniquely rich environment, possibly an isolated refuge for relict populations of species that have disappeared from the adjacent continental slope.
Rediscovery of a relict southern population of lake chub, Couesius plumbeus, in Colorado.