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RELICT. A widow; as A B, relict of C D.

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It is well-known that there has been a change in the UAE's climate over the last few thousand years, for a variety of reasons, with the relict species of the Olive Highlands providing clear evidence of that from a biological perspective.
The discovery of sympatric occupation between CP and BR faunas at Norris Dam suggests that the RV was not a barrier for some species and is also holding pockets of isolated populations of these relict species.
Abies pinsapo is a relict species of the group of the circun-mediterranean firs.
a relict species from the south of Spain, have been studied very little due to its scarcity and the high level of protection of this species.
In this context, if the increase in diploid chromosome number is indicative of a likely evolutionary direction could suggest that abalones from the European-Mediterranean region are relict species from the ancient Tethys Sea, and those abalones were dispersed eastwards, which is in agreement with the eastward dispersal pattern in the Pacific, being the California abalone the most recent species within the Haliotidae family.
Records from the Providence Mountains, Clark Mountains and Kingston Range suggest that Gila monsters may be a relict species isolated on the flanks of Mojave sky islands as the regional climate changed following the end of the last Ice Age.