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RELICT. A widow; as A B, relict of C D.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The name is associated with St Blane, whose relicts were probably moved from the Isle of Bute to keep them safe FOLLOWINGVIKING raids.
Appendix II discusses the aflaj and other relicts of water management, which appear to have been in use until the drop of the water table during the past thirty years.
The purpose was to determine whether present-day grasslands are ecologically plausible Beringian relicts or analogues.
Thus, when one of my books addressed this subject, I included reproductions of Grosz's blase cabaret patrons in "The Relicts" (1921), as well as "The Ballroom" (1929), whose floozy party girl was the template for Fosse's Sally Bowles (Liza Minnelli).
With the letters to Catalpa and the images of natural relicts, the author is introducing this unborn child to everything it will never know: not only its parents, but also the beauty of the world.
The Minister of Information Affairs concluded his speech: Despite the destruction into relicts in some of our surrounding countries, the Arabian Gulf States remain the most secure, growing in all sectors thanks to our solidarity and cohesion.
The Brewer spruce is one of those relicts, existing now along with numerous new faces in the forest.
Many of these species, known as glacial relicts, survived the warming climate at the end of the last glacial period in fragmented populations restricted to interglacial refugia with characteristic arcto-alpine disjunct ranges (Bhagwat & Willis 2008).
Clement and his achievements, copies of frescoes from a number of churches and monasteries in Macedonia as well as photographs of buildings in which relicts of the Ohrid patron are on display will be shown.
Researchers had begun to wonder if these bizarre parasites and their relatives could be living relicts of an early, pivotal time in eukaryote history.
It added that it called on the relevant international organizations, notably the UNESCO and the Interpol, to help Iraq retrieve this important document and other stolen relicts as part of the support of the civilized world to Iraq.