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Revival churches are said to be enormously mushrooming in Namibia and as such, prompted the demand for religious activities also to be regulated.
Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Aug 1 (ANI): Days after the district administration banned all types of religious activities on the streets, head cleric Mohammad Khalif Hameed urged administrators of all city mosques to ensure that those offering prayers in them should avoid spilling out on the road and instead use terrace to accommodate people.
The order stated that there are sufficient grounds to proceed under section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code to prohibit fundraising of any kind, and social, political, welfare and religious activities by those organisations or individuals and their subsidiary welfare organisations and wings in the capital.
The Police media unit said that the ten bodies were buried without conducting any religious activities on a request made by Muslim religious leaders.
Law-based de-radicalisation has been launched in Xinjiang to deal with illegal religious activities, illegal religious publicity materials, and illegal spread of religions through the internet, which has effectively curbed the breeding and spread of religious extremism.
The cathedral will be open to religious activities on September 1.
Detailed provisions on what constitutes religious institutes and religious activities are also covered, ucanews.com reported.
Venues for religious activities include temples, churches and other fixed places.
Summary: They were invited by President Khalifa to grace this year's religious activities during Ramadan
On 28th of June a range of religious activities was conducted commencing from a service at St.
Legislators in Alabama have proposed a bill that would roll back restrictions on school-sponsored religious activities. AL.com reports that the bill, which has been proposed in both chambers of the legislature by State Rep.
"No teacher can participate in religious activities, instil religious thoughts in students or coerce students into religious activities," said a statement on the website of the No.