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They appear to be in some kind of religious ecstasy, almost as if they are worshipping the false gods of commerce.
She also seemed to have confused/fused sexual rapture and religious ecstasy.
To a typical observer, this dangerous practice may not make much sense; for the participants, however, this act of obedient selflessness results in a kind of religious ecstasy and an authenticating sense of spiritual power.
She convincingly demonstrates that religious ecstasy is rarely taken up as a category of Pauline studies--and when it is addressed, it is done so using negative terms.
That a middle-aged psychiatrist might find a boy's tortured confection of sexual guilt and religious ecstasy a test of his own passion and ardor for life is not unbelievable.
Working with themes of madness, religious ecstasy, and the corruption of power, Brown balances this serious work of intense research by drawing in a style reminiscent of newspaper gag strips.
Not every genius who has decorated a church worked in a haze of religious ecstasy, but at least they were attempting to explore and glorify something as mysterious and uncanny as the idea of the divine.
Hardy borrows his initial interpretive framework from Theophus Smith's transdisciplinary notion of "conjuring culture," which provides a structure for examining conversion and sacred performances such as dance, preaching, and religious ecstasy as social, historical, and cultural practices that are also vital themes in Baldwin's work.
3) To teach that to be a human being means to be able to move from religious ecstasy to concrete acts of compassion.
Once the documentary turns its full attention to the Catholic church, Thomas argues, as many have done, that Catholic enforcement of celibacy for its clergy, monks and nuns excludes women from power structures in the church and is a direct cause of the sex abuse crisis--linking the crisis to ties between celibacy, religious ecstasy and sado-masochism.