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The relocation center schools were to be communities in the truest sense of the word.
33) In support of this proposition, Asahina notes that even when the decision was finally made to release the Japanese Americans from the relocation centers (during the 1944 election season), Roosevelt seemed to be more concerned about what effect the reintegration of the "relocated" Japanese Americans would have on the "internal quiet" of various communities rather than the propriety of "releasing" the internees.
Eventually 104,000 of them (officially called "evacuees") were forcibly resettled into ten remote relocation centers (RCs), while 8,000 others voluntarily took up residence outside the western states ["Notes on the Japanese in the United States," Entry 16, box 498, folder 79.
My own contribution to the symposium, A Penny for their Thoughts: Draft Resistance at the Poston Relocation Center, considers the cases of more than one hundred young men at Poston who refused to serve when they were drafted into the U.
The cases of the Minidoka, Idaho Relocation Center draft resisters were tried in the United States District Court for the District of Idaho, in Boise.
Relocation Center offers features such as electronic initiation and needs assessment forms, real-time access to detailed destination information, tools and resources for both the domestic transferee and the international assignee.
Lastly, it follows the entire process of their movement from their homes to assembly centers, to a relocation center, and finally their resettlement after the war.
Contract notice: Cleaning and laundry service in the temporary relocation center for vulnerable groups and reinforcement in the san ildefonso center.
Not long after that, Harry and Mary were detained and sent to a relocation center in Arizona.
At the actual site of the Japanese American Relocation Center Memorial and Cemetery at Rohwer, new signage has been recently installed, according to the Chamber website.