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24 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the Trippel Survey & Research LLC Seventh Annual Relocation Managers Survey: Relocation Management Company Industry(C), SIRVA Relocation LLC ranked second in overall performance and satisfaction among the industry's top six largest relocation companies.
Conducting a cost-effective and smooth corporate relocation takes long-term planning and preparation.
It assists them by showing them how they can get plugged into an everyday routine as quickly as possible, explains Louis Pimentel, General Manager of Crown Relocations.
Alliance Relocation Services strives to perfect customer satisfaction
Two of the Top Five Surveys Worldwide Belong to Brookfield Global Relocation Services, According to Expatica HR
Paragon Relocation Resources is thrilled Michelle will join our team as she will oversee our current East Coast clientele and help solidify our operations to accommodate our further growth in this region," said Joe Benavides, senior vice president of global relocation services for Paragon Relocation Resources, Inc.
Local businesses expanded 35% from last year and relocations within the county grew 11% as users took advantage of the tenant's market to upgrade their space.
We offer Relocation and Orientation services in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.
Prudential Relocation's Europe, Asia-Pacific and other select regions operate under the Pricoa Relocation brand name.
An online survey by Prudential Relocation, a Prudential Financial (NYSE:PRU) business, found that most of the nearly 300 corporations that participated indicate that Lump Sum relocation programs should be blended into the overall mobility strategy as a cost containment element.
Strategic Planning and Management Associates (SPM Associates) was formed three years ago by Laurence Wansor and Raymond Quartararo to implement every facet of a corporate relocation, thus, allowing the client to continue uninterrupted operations during a smooth, timely, cost-effective transition.