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REMANET, practice. The causes which are entered for trial, and which cannot be tried during tho term, are remanets. Lee's Dict. Trial, vii.; 1 Sell. Pr. 434; 1 Phil. Ev., 4.

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11252 domine Oppi marite, ne doleas mei quod praecessi: sustineo in aeterno toro aduentum tuum, `Oppius, lord, husband, do not grieve for me that I have gone before you: I endure (wait for) your arrival on an eternal bed', CE 1325 Iulius cum Trebia bene uixit multosque per annos:/ coniugio aeterno hic quoque nunc remanet, `Julius lived with Trebia well and for many years: in eternal marriage he also now continues', and others; and he refers to R.
171 cremium dicitur illud quod, defrixis carnibus, extracta pinguedine, aridum remanet in patella; cfo Hunt, Teaching and Learning Latin 2, p.
Mr Justice Lawrance declared a remanet and adjourned the trial.
All likeness of creatures to God is deficient: that which God himself is remains hidden and unknown (hoc ipsum quod Deus est remanet occultum et ignotum, (57) "not by virtue of his obscurity, but through an abundance of clarity.
74) It may help to note that Thomas employs a very similar expression, "ipsa forma subsistens," to describe an angel: "Subtracta ergo materia, et posito quod ipsa forma subsistat non in materia, adhuc remanet comparatio formae ad ipsum esse ut potentiae ad actum.
Quo iudicio facto, remanet actio in voluntate ut eligat ex illo iudicio viam quae placet sibi.
Et licet indiuiduatio eius [animae humanae] ex corpore occasionaliter dependeat quantum ad sui inchoationem, quia non acquiritur sibi esse indiuiduatum nisi in corpore cuius est actus: non tamen oportet ut subtracto corpore indiuiduatio pereat, quia cum habeas esse absolutum ex quo acquisitum est sibi esse indiuiduatum ex hoc quod facta est forma huius corporis, illud esse semper remanet indiuiduatum.
sublata omni potentialitate materiae, remanet in eis potentia quaedam in quantum non sunt ipsum esse sed esse participant.