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However, for Tap-7 males, there is no information on how pupal age at irradiation and male mating history can affect female post-copulatory behavior such as remating.
05 was used to test the null hypothesis of no difference in the proportions of remating females across days according to male sexual experience.
2007) because such an approach would estimate both female remating rates and patterns of sperm utilization in natural populations.
She did a similar experiment to see if infertile sperm delay remating in fruit flies.
Remating, plus the common pattern of sperm precedence (e.
Indeed, male scorpion flies serve more than a hearty meal to their mates - females who copulate beyond 20 minutes receive accessory gland proteins, which directly increase male reproductive success by depressing female remating rate (reviewed in Thornhill and Alcock 1983).
An indication of the inadequacy of some components of the ejaculate of the treated male in meeting the needs of the female is the extent to which mating frequency and percent remating propensity are numerically greater and the extent to which percent mating success is numerically smaller than in control matings.
1993) these males are also deficient for the sex peptide, which is a peptide component of the accessory gland secretion that stimulates female oviposition and inhibits remating (Chen 1991).
cucurbitae is a common phenomenon, and remating frequencies are influenced by factors such as duration of the first mating (Yamagishi & Tsubaki 1990; Kuba & Ito 1993), the strain (I.
carolinus females were captured and labeled as displaying either the typical receptive female flash or the more rhythmic walking/flashing flash to determine if flash behavior indicated future mating, remating and oviposition outcomes.
Remating in the melon fly, Bactrocera cucurbitae (Coquillett), was inhibited at the same rate in females mated to either normal or sterile males as long as copulation was not terminated prematurely (Kuba & Ito 1993).
Effects of oviposition on remating, response to pheromones and longevity in the female Caribbean fruit fly, Anastrepha suspensa (Diptera: Tephritidae).