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REMEDIAL. That which affords a remedy; as, a remedial statute, or one which is made to supply some defects or abridge some superfluities of the common law. 1 131. Com. 86. The term remedial statute is also applied to those acts which give a new remedy. Esp. Pen. Act. 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'We are operating two diesel powered emergency plants at Orapa and Matshelagabedi,' he said, adding that despite the ongoing maintenance and remedial works at the primary sources of power, BPC was able to meet local demand.
The Minister also said the Public Protector had flouted legal rules by not allowing him an opportunity to comment on the remedial action.
We therefore adopt the Richmond 1A module as part of our remedial map.
Giddings' solution is to get those students in courses that count for credit sooner by implementing what's known as a "corequisite" model, during which the students take the remedial courses that run concurrently with their college-level classes.
Some entering students who ordinarily would have been assigned to a remedial elementary-algebra class were placed instead in a college-level statistics course and provided with extra academic support.
The changes were made after many college students became stalled in remedial courses and weren't earning the college credits needed to graduate.
"Montana" (pseudonym) made the following statement after a semester in the first remedial reading sequence:
Ivy Tech's corequisite students enroll concurrently in a "zero"-level remedial course and a credit-bearing introductory-level class, where they study in a cohort alongside "program-ready" students.
The expected time frame for the remedial action stipulated in Fitch's criteria - 30 calendar days following the bank's downgrade - has already passed.
Philippines-based Rizal Commercial Banking Corp (RCBC) has announced that it has named a head for its asset management and remedial group.
In an uncommon move, Sullivan and the chair of the mathematics department at the college created a high school course that mirrors the remedial class that students deficient in math have to take when they start college.