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Ester PeAaflor, a Grade 3 remedial teacher at the Concepcion Integrated School, bought her own printer because she realized the need for and importance of her special students to be in a "printrich" environment.
Specialists make evaluations and a few follow-ups according to their respective area of expertise (although in some cases it is the remedial teacher who offers greater assistance).
The mother admits she attacked the man, who is a former primary school remedial teacher, when she first discovered he had raped her son.
Name and profession: Hillery Hunkins, high school remedial teacher
This issue was clearly evident in a number of interviews where SENCOs described themselves as `the remedial teacher' and even received communications addressing them as such.
Rodzwell, an experienced elementary school and remedial teacher who has spent summers teaching mathematics to enlisted military personnel, remarked-
Tiegan's furious to discover that Fisher is her new remedial teacher and Marilyn begins to criticise Donald's novel.
For example, if a specialist were to take full or primary responsibility for a subgroup's reading instruction, even if the instruction occurred within the regular classroom, the situation is virtually identical to traditional pull-out programs where the classroom teacher has transferred responsibility to a resource or remedial teacher.