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REMUNERATION. Reward; recompense; salary. Dig. 17, 1, 7.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Pearson correlation matrix reported in Table 3 suggests that executive remuneration is significantly correlated with most of the independent variables.
There are many types of disguised remuneration schemes.
In 2012, there were three bankers in Cyprus whose overall annual remuneration exceeded e1/41m.
Total remuneration of the NBP president increased 51 per cent in 2015 despite the NBP shares dropped 22 per cent over the same 12-month period.
Editors Kostyuk, Stiglbauer, and Govorun present readers with a collection of expert opinions and scholarly essays on the theory, process, and application of determining appropriate remuneration for corporate directors in the face of the recent financial crisis.
* Disclosure of all elements of the remuneration package of all the directors, i.e.
The CEs of Capital and Coast and Canterbury DHBs, Debbie Chin and David Meates, both receive between $570,000 and $579,999 in total remuneration. Counties Manukau DHB CE Geraint Martin and Waitemata DHB CE Dale Bramley are both in the $550,000 to $559,999 total remuneration band.
the approval of the remuneration system, remuneration report or
Recently, the PCB announced increase in players' remuneration under its revamped domestic cricket structure.
In February, a "significant minority" of 21% voted against the remuneration report of the travel firm at its annual general meeting.
Also, any remuneration awarded under the scheme will be based on Taaleri's total shareholder return (TSR).