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During the renaissance period, Oman has witnessed progress in various fields, and it is our way of showing reverence to our leader and celebrating our achievements as a nation.
The 5th edition of this art soiree is set to bring alive the Renaissance Period with the theme of European Art History.
The 5th edition of this annual art soiree is all set to bring the Renaissance period alive in Bangalore with the theme for this year being European Art History.
Al- Saeedi briefed the delegation on the Shura march in the Sultanate since the beginning of the blessed Renaissance period till the establishment of Council of Oman in its two chambers: State Council and Majlis A'Shura, highlighting the powers and responsibilities of the State Council in particular.
The presenters have studied the combat techniques of the past in order to demonstrate those used during the Renaissance period.
Head of the Political and Press Office and Consul, at the Embassy of Italy in Abu Dhabi, Caterina Gigliuto, said Da Vinci was one of the most significant representatives of the Italian Renaissance period.
Venom is a novel for teenage girls, which has a little of everything; historical fiction, murder and mystery, teenage angst and an overprotective household, beautiful clothes and jewellery and a romance with an attractive, exciting 'bad boy', all of which is set in Venice during the Renaissance period, so there are gondoliers too.
Freedman (musicology, Haverford College) teaches music majors about music in the Renaissance period within the cultural, social, intellectual, and historical contexts of the time.
Pulver said of her character: "I'd describe her as the Hillary Clinton of that Renaissance period.
The bright award-winning Bahraini described her work as autobiographical and she has used the Renaissance period to influence two colossal paintings which took over a month to produce, as well as preparatory sketches and an introductory video.
Gordy told What's On: "The work of these particular artists fascinates me, not only because it's great music - from what is becoming considered a renaissance period in contemporary music - but also because some of my closest friends work with them.

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