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sup][17] The expression of the Pax2 and Pax8 genes is mainly distributed in the period of renal capsule body, coma-shaped body, and S-shaped body, which suggests their role in cell proliferation.
Vascular invasion was seen, but renal vein, renal capsule and ureter were intact.
Renal capsule, vessels, and perinephric fat were free of tumor.
5) Leiomyomas originate from smooth muscle cells of the renal capsule, pelvis, calices, and blood vessels.
The tumour was found to involve the renal pelvis, renal capsule and perinephric fat.
Some reported cases of solitary fibrous tumor of the kidney were reported to have originated from the renal capsule.
In contrast, even a small hemorrhage can cause significant compression under the renal capsule even if it is not large enough to cause hemostatic instability.
The tumor was not grossly encapsulated, had ill-defined edges, and protruded from the renal cortex but remained confined within the renal capsule.
A non-contrast enhancing area, indicating the ablation zone, is shown in the lateral border of the renal capsule (blue arrows).
We hypothesized that peritubal infiltration from renal capsule to skin would alleviate postoperative pain after PCNL.
Since the renal capsule is rather rigid, this increased interstitial pressure leads to compression over the intrarenal veins.