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A Neoplastic differentiation consists of clustered spindle cells adjacent to renal capsule.
The tumor was not grossly encapsulated, had ill-defined edges, and protruded from the renal cortex but remained confined within the renal capsule.
In contrast, even a small hemorrhage can cause significant compression under the renal capsule even if it is not large enough to cause hemostatic instability.
The entire perirenal fatty tissue is removed to the level of Gerota fascia, a membranous structure that is similar to the consistency of the renal capsule that encases the kidney in perirenal fat.
On gross inspection, the tumour at the lower pole of left kidney measured 8 x 6 cm and the hematoma was subjacent to the renal capsule.
3) The renal capsule is the most common site of origin of genitourinary leiomyomas.
The renal capsule, ureter, renal veins, and adrenal gland were free of tumor.
They also stated that, pT1 tumors infiltrating renal capsule are significantly larger than the ones those do not, although the same correlation between tumor size and capsular involvement could not be demonstrated for pT2 patients and the entire cohort.