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While consuming tapwater with high content of ions of ferrum, calcium, magnesium and fluorine the most significant changes are observed in kidneys of the pregnant animals which is expressed in the decreasing of the number of renal corpuscles and their inhomogeneity; increasing of the average size of renal corpuscle and glomerulus.
This, first of all, is revealed in formation of renal glomeruluses hypertrophy, renal corpuscles polymorphy and increasing of the size of renal glomerulus and change of the size of proximal convoluted tubule opening.
The absence of a longitudinal duct, but presence of renal corpuscles, was also observed in caecilians (Wake, 1970).
A renal corpuscle is often found in between the afferent and efferent epididymal ducts.
Examination of kidney sections of the rats with Pre, post- and co- treatment of the same dose of the neem extract and cisplatin exhibited no apparent changes in the polysaccharides in both of the renal corpuscles and tubules.