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Officially, Mursi's Islamist-led government has set up committees to study how to carry out the renationalisation of businesses.
Mr Borisov said that three power distributors had been fined for undisclosed violations, but that he was against their renationalisation.
The RMT is calling for support for the full renationalisation of the railways and London Underground.
Hence the recent act of parliament that provided a unique example of renationalisation by New Labour, with the equally unusual support of the Conservative party for an extension of public ownership.
The company is seeking a Government rescue package that would take it off the stock market - in what many would consider a renationalisation.
The government of Bolivia is facing protracted legal action from Telecom Italia, which refused the governments offer of US$100 million for the renationalisation of a 50% stake in the country's incumbent long-distance operator Entel.
The idea of renationalisation will put industries back into the hands of monopoly trade unions, cost billions and will certainly not improve prices or service.
I like the idea of renationalisation of the railways, 50% tax on the highest earners, scrapping tuition fees and a National Education Service.
Our focus on wealth taxes, renationalisation of the railways and a citizens' income appeal strongly to traditional Labour voters.
Many companies bought from the Egyptian government by Gulf Arab investors are at risk of renationalisation.
The AfR analysis comes at a time when rail campaigners and some MPs are calling for a rethink over how Britain's railways are run The AfR said more than 50 Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green, Plaid Cymru and SNP MPs have signed a parliamentary motion calling for the renationalisation of the UK's railways.
The Wakefield MP said a review of Labour's railway policy will be launched within a year and would not "rule anything out" - including renationalisation.