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The only way to have a decent railway is to renationalise it
Recover the cash owed to the taxpayer, collect the taxes owed, stop featherbedding the banks and take them into public ownership, and renationalise the privatised utilities.
How sad that the current neo-conservative government never thought to renationalise.
Sure we'd have to renationalise them and spend passenger revenues on buses rather than profits for National Express and their chums.
Andy Burnham has promised to renationalise the railways if he becomes Prime Minister.
ANDY Burnham today vows to renationalise the railways if elected Labour's next prime minister.
POSTAL workers may pull millions of pounds of Labour funds if it does not pledge to renationalise Royal Mail in its first term back in power.
One day I hope we will renationalise all our crown jewels and give it back to the people.
The move follows a vote at this week's Labour Party conference opposing the sell-off and calling on an incoming Labour government to renationalise a privatised Royal Mail.
Delegates at the party conference in Brighton also voted without any opposition to renationalise the Royal Mail, should it be sold off before the general election.
The Communication Workers Union called on Labour to make it clear that the party will renationalise the postal group if it wins the next general election.
At a High Court hearing in July, Mr Byers denied that he deliberately set out to renationalise the rail infrastructure company - since replaced by Network Rail - "by stealth" with the deliberate intention of avoiding the payment of compensation to shareholders.