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Then it was time for the national anthems, with the Barenaked Ladies doing a rendition of "Oh, Canada," and Fergie performing the "Star Spangled Banner."
Before high-speed internet connections became widely available and before mobile devices could view streaming media, it was acceptable to provide two or more bitrate renditions of a media stream.
It cannot be established if the planes had prisoners on board, only that aircraft were linked to rendition flights.
newspaper asked Straw about the renditions. He has said he cannot comment because of a police investigation into the affair.
'Danna Pe Danna' is a contemporary rendition of a very popular folk song while 'Nindiya Re' is a relaxing lullaby that evokes strong emotions of maternal love and devotion.
Amnesty International last night called for an inquiry into the use of Irish airspace by the CIA for renditions flights following the publication by WikiLeaks of a cable reporting the meeting.
''Extrajudicial detentions'' and ''extraordinary renditions'' were nicely scrubbed terms for the Bush administration's policy of capturing suspects in one country and spiriting them away to another, where they were harshly interrogated and even tortured.
It has been claimed that a US plane featured in a European Parliament report into the CIA's 'extraordinary rendition' of terror suspects landed at BIA on Friday, October 2.
Summary: An Italian judge sentenced 23 former CIA agents to up to eight years in prison on Wednesday for the abduction of a Muslim cleric in a symbolic ruling against "rendition" flights used by the
MILAN: The wife of an Egyptian cleric allegedly kidnapped from a Milan street in 2003 as part of the CIA's extraordinary rendition program is seeking millions of euros in damages.
"I do not believe we ought to use renditions for the purpose of sending people to 'black sites' [secret prisons in other countries] and not providing the kind of oversight I believe is necessary," he said.