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Sobre las ediciones, ver Guerrier, O., "The Rennaissance in France: Amyot and Montaigne", en: Beck, M.
(2012), Sources of the Western Tradition: From the Rennaissance to the Present.
From here we caught the ferry, plugging trips on "the most beautiful nautical mile in Denmark", to the picturesque Rennaissance castle of Frederiksborg Slot.
Dislaimer from Rennaissance Capital: "This research is for general information purposes only, and should not be interpreted that Renaissance Capital is encouraging investment dealings, i.e., buying and selling securities in Iran.
Interesting factoid: The film may be the cause of a rennaissance in the appreciation of Turner's works.
Patterson, Hermogenes and the Rennaissance: Seven Ideas of Style (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1970).
This narrative ignores the symbiotic Euro-Arab culture which flourished in Muslim Spain for 800 years and was crushed marginalized and denied after expulsion of the Moors from Spain in 1492 although it had a profound and influence on the Rennaissance and modern Europe.
Maggie's Newcastle, a cancer care support centre at the Freeman Hospital, won the Lord Mayor's special category in the Newcastle Lord Mayor's Design Awards in December, and took the design through innovation award at the RICS Rennaissance Awards last month.
VLCO Gabon is wholly owned by VLCO Energy, Inc., a small publicly owned Houston-based independent oil and gas company, with a diversified shareholder base, including Rennaissance Technologies (7.3%), BlackRock Institutional Trust (6.8%), and Vanguard Group (4.8%).