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"O dear sir!" answered Benjamin, interrupting him, " Infandum, regina, jubes renovare dolorem .
Foster's spiritual renewal ministry, Renovare, and an ordained United Methodist Church minister who has served in various capacities in local churches) shows us the better road, the road less travelled, but the road full of riches.
Gerhart is the founder and director of Renovare Brain Peak Perfomance and Renovare Wellness by Design Clinic in Peoria, Arizona.
Renovare Fuels Limited, a UK-located firm has co-invented technology that can transform landfill gas into high-quality clean energy in the type of liquid diesel and gasoline fuel that is suitable for all motor vehicles, as per the firm.
(11) Bess here closely parallels the preamble to Aeneas' tale to Dido in the Aeneid, book 2, "Infandum regina jubes renovare dolorem" ("O queen, you bid [me] renew an unspeakable grief'), and the Virgilian echo is reinforced when Spencer, thinking that Bess has turned against him, laments that "I could be a new Sinon and betray / A second Troy, rather then suffer this" (part 2, sig.
Ahora, la llamada resolucion parcial de la compraventa por mutuo consenso es referida dentro del fragmento cuando se expresa quiod si non ut totum contractum tolleret, pactum conventum intercessit, sed ut imminueret, posterius pactum potest renovare primum contractum--pero si medio un pacto convenido no para que se anulara todo el contrato, sino para que se lo redujera a menos, el pacto posterior puede renovar el primer contrato--.
(45.) Marinescu, A., 'MaiMultVerde si Raiffeisen Bank au finalizat lucrarile de renovare a spatiului verde si de joaca realizat in Focsani', Online newspaper article, Vrancea Online, October 25, 2010, [Online] available at raiffeisen-bank-au-finalizat-lucrarile-de-renovare-a-spatiului-verde-si-de-joaca-realizat-in-focsani/, accessed on April 23, 2013.
(1) The Latin for such terms, used often in church documents: corrigere, emendare, meliorare, recreare, regenerare, renovare, reparare, restituere, revocare.
The writings of authors such as Richard Foster, Dallas 'Willard, Henri Nouwen, Eugene Peterson, Larry Crabb, David Benner, James Houston, and James Bryan Smith, the devotional and spiritual classics from centuries of church history (e.g., see Roller, 2011, and other RENOVARE materials), and the publication, Conversations: A Forum for Authentic Transformation, will be of great help to us in personal integration and the other areas of integration.
Ya casi restablecido del todo de la fractura de cadera que sufri en Fortaleza, te cuento que renovare mi suscripcion apenas pueda llegarme a Western Union.
A third countermovement, the Renovare movement, is closely associated with the writings of theologian Richard Foster and Dallas Willard, a professor of philosophy.