Rent Strike

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Rent Strike

An organized protest on the part of tenants in which they withhold the payment of consideration for the use or occupation of property from their landlord until their grievances are settled.

A rent strike is ordinarily unlawful since a tenant who occupies leasehold premises has a legal obligation to pay rent. Even if a landlord does not make needed repairs or provide necessary services, a tenant ordinarily is not released from the obligation to pay rent unless he or she leaves the premises and can show that they were uninhabitable, or unless the tenant can demonstrate that the landlord was attempting to force him or her to move out.

Certain courts refuse to recognize rent strikes as lawful on the grounds that any failure to pay rent constitutes a breach of the tenant's obligation and legally makes the tenant subject to eviction. A rent strike, however, is distinguishable from other failures to pay rent because its purpose is to coerce the landlord to take a particular action. Increasingly the courts have recognized that a rent strike is not an ordinary failure to pay rent. Some jurisdictions have developed procedures through which tenants are able to pay their rent into the court, or to a court-appointed receiver. The landlord receives the money only after essential repairs have been made, or the receiver can use the funds to contract for such repairs.


Landlord and Tenant.

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5billion-a-year profit - are facing a possible rent strike by landlords.
Resentment against poor wages and long work hours, memories and inspiration of the rent strike in Kilglass parish, an awareness of class consciousness acquired in Roscommon and increased in the United States combined to instigate strikes in 1859, '64, and '68 by quarry laborers.
The message came as 900 of the 1,500 in halls of residence planned a rent strike in protest against high charges.
He has performed in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa as the hip-hop artist Ghetto Priest, refusing to perform in South Africa until Nelson Mandela was released from prison; for three years he hosted and produced a contentious weekly radio show in Milwaukee called Slave Uprising; he toured as a gospel musician with a group called Unity; and he found himself in the middle of an emotionally charged South African rent strike.
They ended up organizing a rent strike and bringing their landlord to court to force him to maintain the property--twice.
She first joined the council in '29 and the first thing she did was to organise a rent strike," says Steve Binns, Liverpool's community historian.
Upon arriving in Eugene, he moved into Amazon Student Housing - and watched with admiration as tenants staged a rent strike to protest university opposition to a student cooperative.
It was all derelict at the time, people on rent strike, signs hanging out of the window and I just loved it," he said.
Moreover, he points out that Levin "has been active in the left-wing theatre movement in Chicago," and that his play Model Tenant, about a rent strike, was prohibited from being performed because it was too "Red.
That is why it is important to coalesce buildings on rent strike into a united front: A citywide general rent strike.
The tenants indicated that they were willing to talk; the band indicated that it was not willing to talk at that time, as the tenants had just declared a rent strike.