Rental agreement, legally bound?

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Country: United States of America
State: Hawaii

I would like to know if I am legally bound to a rental agreement that I am just listed as a tenant on. I did not sign ANY part of the agreement.This is exactly what the agreement says and this is from a Hawaii Association of Realtors rental agreement form: 3.ALL TENANTS RESPONSIBLE: By signing this rental agreement, each of you agrees to pay the rent in full and to comply with its terms. Each TENANT is also responsible for other TENANTS and guests and must make sure they comply with the terms of this agreement. I am taking my roommate to small claims court because he has not returned my security deposit. I called the landlord and confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the house upon vacancy. He has received the full amount of the security deposit because he was the only one that signed the agreement and will not give me back my share of 1000.00 that I put down. he claims that regardless if I signed the rental agreement or not that I am responsible and should therefore share in the expense of the carpet cleaning etc. If this is true , and I am bound to the terms of the agreement without signing it shouldn't I be getting back my deposit also? Please help to answer my question as soon as you can.


If you did not agree and/or sign, you are not bound by it...
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