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RENTAL. A roll or list of the rents of an estate containing the description of the lands let, the names of the tenants, and other particulars connected with such estate. This is the same as rent roll, from which it is said to be corrupted.

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We sell to rental centers, and some of our dealers do rent, depending on the area of the country and if the rental yards in their area are buying from Astec, and we do promote equipment rentals through our dealer group.
Whenever a vacation property qualities as a rental with personal usage (because personal use was not greater than 14 days or 10%), the portion of the mortgage interest allocable to the owner's usage is no longer deductible; the property does not qualify as a personal residence.
Known as the Consolidated Car Rental Building, the project accommodates facilities for three major car rental companies.
The Instructional Resource Rental Committee (IRR), made up of five faculty members and four students, are appointed and approved to deem books as rentals or to remain as purchase books.
Top VHS rentals were identical but in slightly different order.
The IRS recharacterized the $175,149 of rental income from the law firm property as nonpassive based on the self-rental rule.
She figured that she could use the rental income from the first-floor apartment to pay off her mortgage.
The little-known problems are (1) the deductibility of the personal portion of mortgage interest expense, (2) the definition of rental activity under the passive-activity loss (PAL) rules and (3) the hobby-loss limit rules.
The Halstead Rental Division is among the largest rental brokerage firms in New York City with over 60 brokers within the division.
Our Global Car Rental industry profile is an essential resource for top-level data and analysis covering the car rental industry.
The tax benefits may be large, as some homeowners may be able to elicit thousands of dollars for short-term rentals.
Establishing asking rentals that ultimately result in closed deals is still a painstaking process.