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RENTE. In the French funds this word is nearly synonymous with our word annuity.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Ainsi, il faut combattre la corruption, les pratiques malsaines et la rente lors de la mise en place de cette institution pour qu'elle reflete reellement l'image de la societe et s'acquitte convenablement de sa mission.
A quarta linha de pinturas, rente ao rodape, obedece a uma logica de corte e incompletude semelhante a da primeira linha, mas com referencia ao chao.
Thibault, la qualification de contrat de rente du contrat entre les parties.
She worked her way up from the bottom - first in a commercial fashion house and then as chief fashion designer with Oscar De La Rente's label O.
/ Mais pour ung qui aura passe / La ou Debile prent sa rente, / Accident en a tue trente." (Accident is always up at one end / All ready, mounted and armed / To kill and mangle everyone; / And Debility maintains the other end, / Cruel , merciless and without pity.
Then the losers say, "Je vous baille ma rente de Baugee,"
Turne you unto me with all youre hertes, with fastynge, wepynge, and mournynge: rente ['rend' in the King James version] your hertes, and not youre clothes.
The summoner as bailiff intends to extort money as 'rente' from an old widow; consequently his companion, a devil dressed as a yeoman, intends to exact a payment as 'rente' from the summoner which is nothing less than his soul.
Le prochain gouvernement issu d'un choix constitutionnel ou d'un choix de transition politique, aura une mission tres difficile : diversifier une economie nationale fondee uniquement sur la rente petroliere.