Renting room, legal occupancy?

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Country: United States of America
State: California

I rented a "room" in a house from someone other than the owner. The owner allowed (and paid) him to be there (I think to keep "squatters" out). This "landlord" was the sole occupant at the time (he and I alone for about 6 mos).The owner says that he never allowed the landlord" to rent (I have receipts) to me and therefore tenant-landlord law doesn't apply. The owner and his wife have known of my occupancy for at least 4 months. The owner entered my room (w/me) to get some tools on 10/11.The owner has paid me for help around the house. The utilities are in my name and paid by me. Is this a legal occupancy, and do I have rights as a tenant?


Yes--and they would have to evict you to get you out--but they can ask you leave with 30 days notice if no lease exists etc.
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