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Example By the above general results, we can now reobtain as particular cases some known expressions for the mean densities considered in literature in facing certain problems of applicative interest.
Clearly, assuming s = 1 and the normality condition, we reobtain the quoted theorem.
1] = f we reobtain the well-known result: if f is a starlike function and f(z) = zF'(z), then F is a convex function.
With leveled commitment, agents need not carry out feasibility checks up front because if an agent ends up overcommitted, it can decommit from some of the contracts to reobtain feasibility.
Pavel Chukrai's film is driven by desire to establish his stamp of originality, to reobtain the "phallus" of which Tolyan/Stalin's (Grigory Chukrai's) son, Sasha (Pavel Chukrai), is deprived.