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HRC is extremely concerned by the immediate consequences of allowing the settlers to reoccupy the Rajabi building, it said.
The Associated Press reported that the stepped-up ground offensive in Gaza indicated that Israel could be prepared to partially reoccupy the coastal strip less than a year after withdrawing all troops and settlements from the area.
In the lawsuit, Ali alleged that before the earthquake, the apartments near Zelzah Avenue and Lassen Street had been vacant for some time and CSUN had no plans to reoccupy the building.
This will suit a landlord who has genuine plans to redevelop or reoccupy the premises but it will also benefit tenants who can now pass the matter through the court before the landlord is fully prepared.
One assumption that is not conservative is that people reoccupy these rooms for 12 h per day.
While a 15-story gash was carved out of the tower's facade by falling debris on 9/11, it was the torrents of poisonous dust, created and dispersed by the WTC's collapse that contaminated the structure and made it impossible for Deutsche Bank to reoccupy the space.
I chose--perhaps this had to do with being a female artist examining stereotypes of women--to reoccupy it.
However, Israel has been reluctant to reoccupy the crowded strip for logistical reasons and may find it difficult to defeat Hamas, which enjoys massive popular support in area.
Kershaw makes the same point and suggests that it was this fear of social unrest, heightened by serious food shortages in Germany during the fall of 1935 - themselves largely the result of government policies - that played the major role in Hitler's decision to reoccupy the Rhineland in March 1936.
However, when a taxpayer intended to return to his residence after an assignment but did not reoccupy the home, an argument could successfully be made that the residence before the assignment remained the taxpayer's principal residence during the assignment for Sec.
Note: The temporary rental of an employee's residence while he or she is overseas should not change the home's character as a principal residence as long as he or she reoccupies it on return (or, in the event of extenuating circumstances, can evidence the intent to reoccupy it).