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Kuwait is also not delaying school reopenings and is taking preventive measures to check swine flu spread in schools through awareness campaigns and opening more clinics to screen and treat patients.
Abu Dhabi has directed that all students should be back in the emirates a week before the reopening of schools.
Striking a different note from the rest of the GCC countries, Qatar doesnot have any plans to postpone the reopening of schools.
NUV and NPI have authorized separate counsel to explore all options, including initiating proceedings to recover from outside counsel the difference between the offering price and net asset value per share at the time of the reopenings.
Approximately 47% of the additional common shares of NUV and 56% of the additional common shares of NPI offered through the reopening of the two long-established municipal bond funds were purchased by shareholders.
By quickly reopening our stores, we are reaffirming our commitment to our current customer base, and, we hope, contributing to a stronger economic environment in the metropolitan area.
On the short end of the yield curve, Fannie Mae said that it would issue either two-year or three-year Benchmark Notes in four specified months of the year - January, April, August and October - either as new issues or reopenings of existing issues.
These maturities will be offered either as new issues or as reopenings.
The company noted that it is possible that in any given month, Fannie Mae could come to market with additional new issues or reopenings in maturities not identified on the calendar.
It's really good news for the community,'' True Pawluk, spokeswoman for the county Department of Public Works, said of the reopening plans.
While Bouquet Canyon Road is reopening, county officials say neighboring San Francisquito Canyon Road south of Green Valley will likely stay closed for two months longer than expected: until Dec.