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NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support, Repairables Distribution
Dany Bouraphael, founder of the Auto Repairables Magazine, said he was approached by five former WANT AD employees about starting a magazine to fill the void left when their company closed.
The functionality incorporated in the Demand Solutions Requirements Planning(TM) (DS RP) product allows customers who produce repairable products to plan for their return and repair based on future demand.
They're sturdy and offer excellent protection for high-dollar repairable items.
On 14 February, NAVAIR approved the Repairable Item Replacement Option (RIRO) program approval procedures.
From a Navy ERP perspective, repairables management determines the requirement, executes the award, keeps track of the funding, and updates the moving average cost of the item for the actual repair costs.
So Christmas arrived and mechanics were glad, New parts were available, and repaired parts had; No one was hoarding and turn-ins were made, Commanders were pleased when repairables paid.
Under this initiative, the Raytheon-lead team will serve as the government's commercial stock point (CSP) for all Phalanx spares and repairables.
Therefore, the Navy repairables program was selected because it represents a microcosm of the greater DoD supply chain, yet is small enough to be fully implemented over a three year period.
Tailored Repairables Item List (TRIL) - This application gives online access to pre-approved repairable items under the repair of repairables program.
19, 1997 that designates Solair as Delta's sole source supplier of airframe material, including rotables, repairables and expendables, from the surplus market.
Four key NLI initiatives have set the standard: Cargo Routing, Material Expediting, Repairables Retrograde, and Afloat Inventory Positioning.