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The post Publisher reposts blocked China articles after outcry appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Almost all microblog services allow their users to repost and comment the posts they have read.
Weibo use: Four measures were taken regarding 1) frequency by asking participants how many days they log on Weibo in the past week and the data were collapsed into three categories (1 = none, 2 = 1-5 days, 3 = 6-7 days) after examining response frequencies; 2) How long they have used Weibo (1=None; 2=less than 6 months; 3=6 months to one year; 4=more than one year); 3) how often would they comment on Weibo posts (1=none; 2=seldom; and 3=sometimes and often); and finally how often they repost (1=none; 2=seldom; and 3=sometimes and often).
2) If A follows C, and C has reposted B's post, then C's repost is pushed to A just as the scenario above.
A panel, comprising the Ministers of Local Development, Administrative Development and Finance, has decided to repost some of the employees to the Ministry of Heath and the remainder to the Ministry of Family and Population.
We would also like to repost some of the articles if you are agreeable, you could choose the one(s) you prefer to have posted up here.
The veterans' groups took action after the Fiscal Court, the county's governing body, voted unanimously to repost the document.
The invention, termed REPOST, is a powerful proprietary technology for the expression and continuous recovery of recombinant proteins from the secretions of roots and leaves of plants, which express a foreign gene.
Gender equality and proper training of employees, benefit businesses tremendously, as stated in another Gulf News repost.
After reading each message, members of one group had options either to repost or go on to the next message.
Media repost said Abdul Ghafoor Lehri was barred from participating in the election by the court and Election Commission for not meeting the criterion laid down in articles 62 and 63 of the constitution.