Representative Action

Representative Action

A legal action in which one or a few members of a class sue on behalf of themselves and other members of the same class; a lawsuit brought by the stockholders of a corporation, on its behalf, for the enforcement of a corporate right.


Class Action.

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This is done through a complex network comprised of top of the line automated voice/data capture technologies, data leak protection and intrusion detection and protection solutions layered with TLC Associates' custom-built representative action tracking and monitoring and environmental control solution.
We are doing for them in vicarious representative action what they cannot do for themselves.
The early representative action avoided this problem entirely by allowing parties to join into a collective judgment that was secured for them, but otherwise suffer no adverse consequences.
Claims can also be pursued in a representative action where one representative claimant or defendant acts on behalf of a class of individuals.
The Super League clubs also have a blank weekend on June 17 when attention turns to representative action with a scheduled international weekend, details of which will be announced shortly.
NYSD Premier League sides in representative action on Sunday are: ECB Premier League at Nottingham in national inter-league semi-final: Dan Hodgson (Middlesbrough), Doug Mulholland, Peter Armstrong, Liam Coates (all Darlington), Mike Layfield, James Clarkson (both Richmondshire), Ian West (Great Ayton), Will Brown, Andrew Weighell, Ian Still (all Stokesley), Dan Conway (Bishop Auckland).
2 below, which seeks a collective resolution of a group of claims filed by individual litigants, a representative action permits one person or entity to file suit and to represent an individual or group of individuals who do not themselves join the litigation as parties.
led wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other parts of the world, not to mention billion dollar weapons sales and decades of perpetual conflict in the Middle East, how could such a more fair and representative action possibly do more harm?
League representative action saw Scotland Road's under-12s go down 5-2 to Springfield in the quarter-final.
WELSH fencers are gearing up for representative action with next week's regional Winton Cup event followed by this season's Five Nations Championship in Glasgow on March 29.
it is precisely because of the flexible utility of the representative action that judicial control of its conduct is important, to ensure not only that the litigation as between the plaintiff and defendant is efficiently disposed of but also that the interests of those who are absent but represented are not prejudiced by the conduct of the litigation on their behalf.
Hoddle was today awaiting the return of Wolves' international contingent, with Kenny Miller, Rob Edwards, Gabor Gyepes and Mark Davies all due back from representative action.

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